Where Is Abbott Elementary Filmed? All Locations Revealed

The subject matter of Abbott Elementary, an ABC mockumentary sitcom, is the teachers of a public school with inadequate funding. While a documentary crew follows them around, the teachers do their best to assist the students—frequently irrational and unhappy—out of pure love for the teaching profession. We focus on Janine Teagues in particular because she is a second-grade teacher who is incredibly optimistic in contrast to her frequently exhausted colleagues.

The show allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the messy but endearing world of young children and overworked teachers, thanks to its realistic and chaotic elementary school setting. Naturally, many people want to know where this chaotic but endearing Philadelphia public school came to be. We’ve got you covered, though! Here is all the information you need about the filming locations for “Abbott Elementary.”

Where Is Abbott Elementary Filmed?

People worldwide have praised Quinta Brunson’s hilarious sitcom for its emphasis on the difficulties teachers face in poorly run public schools face. The program brilliantly but lightheartedly presents a realistic image of a public school where the staff is overworked and underpaid, the students are “difficult” to manage, and there is never enough money for supplies.

Where Is Abbot Elementary Filmed?
Let’s take a look at where they film this series.

The fictional Willard R. Abbott Public School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, serves as the setting for “Abbott Elementary.” However, Los Angeles, California, is where the show is filmed. Reports state that season 1’s filming started in July or August 2021 and ended in November 2021. Let’s look closely at this filming location since the show is praised for its realistic backdrops!

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Sacramento, California

Sacramento is known for being the capital of California, but it’s also become a hub for film and television production in recent years. The city offers a variety of filming locations, from historic downtown buildings to suburban neighborhoods and rural landscapes. Sacramento has been home to many big-budget Hollywood productions, as well as independent films and TV shows. The city’s mild climate and proximity to other major California cities make it an ideal location for filming. Sacramento has a growing film industry and is quickly becoming a popular destination for filmmakers from all over the world.

Where Is Abbot Elementary Filmed?
Sacramento, California, is a hub for movie making,

Los Ángeles, California

The county of Los Angeles, California, which serves as the center of the nation’s film and television industry, is where “Abbott Elementary” is primarily shot. Thus, it should be no surprise that the show’s realistic backdrops and sets were made by skilled professionals familiar with every aspect of their trade. According to reports, the workplace comedy appears to be filmed at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, which is precisely at 4000 Warner Boulevard. Los Angeles is accessible from Burbank in about 15 minutes.

Since filming occurs at locations on the West Coast, the production team makes sure that Philadelphia, which is closer to the East Coast, is accurately portrayed. The sitcom’s creators paid close attention to every aspect of the City of Brotherly Love, from the slang words used in the dialogue to the makeup techniques. The backdrops that resembled 56th and Christian (streets) gave me so much Philadelphia in Los Angeles, said Brunson. Fans can easily experience Philly culture as a result, despite the fact that the sets are in the City of Angels!

Where Is Abbot Elementary Filmed?
Los Angeles, California, is a busy city all day, all night.

The Magic Of Hollywood Brings Pennsylvania To California

According to reports, scenes from the single-camera comedy may have also been filmed at the 20th Television or the 20th Century Studios, which are precisely at 10201 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. The show successfully captures the spirit of an elementary school with its bright yellow school buses, inspirational and colorful artwork on the walls, and mismatched chairs in the classrooms. As a result, Los Angeles is the perfect setting for “Abbott Elementary” to be filmed. What do you think? Are you going to California sometime soon?

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