Best Pizza in State College (Updated Jan 2023)

Best Pizza in State College

While every local has their own favorite spot, I’ve taken it upon myself to do the dirty work and conduct a comprehensive review of 11 pizza places in the area.

From coal-fired pies to traditional Italian recipes and original takes on classic pizzas, my mission is to provide an objective look at the best pizza joints in State College. My findings are sure to bring some lively debate among friends who love good food!

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#1 Margarita’s Pizzeria

The atmosphere at Margarita’s is great. It’s a nice tourist spot, so you get to meet a lot of friendly people. The staff are very attentive and the service is top-notch.

The pizza itself is simply divine. They use only the freshest ingredients, which really makes their pizzas stand out. I had a Margherita with extra cheese and it was simply heavenly! The crust was perfectly crisp and the cheese was nicely melted – just how I like it.

On top of that, they offer a tasty selection of desserts too – so even if you’re full from pizza, there’s always something for dessert! The only downside is that they don’t offer delivery, but I didn’t mind as I wanted to have my pizza fresh from the oven anyway.

I can definitely say with confidence that Margarita’s Pizzeria has some of the best pizza in State College, and you should definitely check them out if you’re ever in town!

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#2 Brothers Pizza & Pasta

From the moment I stepped in, the smell of baking dough and delicious tomato sauce filled the air, alerting my taste buds to get ready. The friendly service made me feel right at home, too.

The pizza was cooked to perfection! Every time I bit into a slice, I could taste the delicate balance between a perfectly baked crust and carefully crafted tomato sauce. The toppings were all fresh, adding even more complexity to each bite.

My absolute favorite was their Grandma’s Pizza – it had that traditional Italian-style flavor that I love. No matter what type of pizza you desire, Brothers has got it!

My only complaint? After eating one large pizza (okay two!) I didn’t have room for dessert. Oh well, next time! That just means I’ll have to come back soon and try everything else on the menu. If Brothers Pizza & Pasta is any indication, State College definitely knows how to make some excellent pizza!

#3 Faccia Luna Pizzeria

I recently visited Faccia Luna and was immediately impressed by their menu. Not only do they have all the classic pizzas you’d expect, but they also have a wide selection of vegetarian options (for those picky eaters) and a special kids’ menu. Plus, they serve alcohol (including hard liquor – cheers!) and are a great tourist spot in State College.

On top of that, the pizza itself was insanely good, with the best mix of crust, toppings and cheese I’ve tasted yet! For dessert, I had the most unforgettable Italian tiramisu I’ve ever tried. Absolutely delicious!

The downside is that Faccia Luna doesn’t offer delivery service. But trust me when I say it’s worth going out to visit them since the pizza is so extraordinary. Go check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. Best pizza in State College? Absolutely!

#4 Snap Custom Pizza

I was immediately impressed upon walking in. The atmosphere is vibrant and inviting, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Plus the smell of fresh pizza in the air makes you drool just a little bit.

I ordered the custom pizza with half pepperoni and half mushrooms, and it did not disappoint. The crust was crispy yet delicious, and the toppings were perfectly cooked so that every bite was mouth-wateringly delicious. I completely understand why Snap Custom Pizza is one of the most beloved pizza places in State College!

If you’re looking for an authentic experience that offers some of the best pizza in State College, then look no further than Snap Custom Pizza — you won’t regret it!

#5 Allen Street Pizza

The first thing that struck me about this pizza place was the atmosphere. The walls were adorned with classic vintage memorabilia and there was a nice, laid back vibe. I could tell this place had some real character!

Next, it was time for me to try out their pizza. From the first bite, I could tell that the ingredients were all fresh and of the highest quality. The crust was perfectly crisp yet still had that amazing chewy texture. To top it off, the sauce and cheese had tons of flavor!

Overall, Allen Street Pizza has definitely earned its reputation as one of the best pizza places in State College. If you’re looking for a great slice of deliciousness with character and charm, then this is definitely the spot you should check out!

#6 Domino’s Pizza

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first learned I’d be visiting Domino’s Pizza for my pizza tasting. After all, it’s a fast-food joint—how good could the pizza be? Let me tell you—it was fantastic!

The service is great; you get your order quickly and the staff is friendly, even though they’re always busy. In addition, their prices are quite reasonable; you can get a large pizza for not much money at all.

As far as the food goes, let me just say: out of this world! The crust is thin and crisp yet still soft in the middle. The sauce has just the right amount of sweetness mixed with zestiness. And then there’s the cheese—gooey, melty goodness that will have you wanting more.

Overall, Domino’s Pizza delivers excellent quality and taste of pizza at an unbeatable price. If you’re ever in State College looking for the best pizza in town, look no further than Domino’s Pizza!

#7 Champs Sports Grill

The first time I visited Champs, the atmosphere was inviting and lively. The staff was warm and genuine in their interactions with customers. Plus, the decor felt appropriately sporty for a sports grill.

As a pizza connoisseur, I was eager to taste what Champs had to offer. I ordered one of their signature specialty pizzas and it did not disappoint! Their thin-crust pies are loaded with fresh ingredients, tasteful seasonings, and two kinds of delicious cheese that live up to the hype. Every bite of pizza was spot on!

Another thing that impressed me is how well they stay true to their sports theme throughout the food menu. There are plenty of classic pub snacks like loaded nachos and mozzarella sticks. But they also have some unique sporty twists like jalapeno poppers with chili cheese dip or stuffed pretzel bites.

At the end of my meal, I felt completely satisfied (not just from the full stomach but from the overall experience). This is definitely one establishment that serves up some of the best pizza in State College and beyond!

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#8 HiWay Pizza Pub – West

I ordered the large BBQ Chicken and Bacon pizza, which was simply delicious. The smoky flavor of the BBQ sauce and the crunchy bacon really added a lot to the pizza. The crust was thin, yet not too crispy – just perfect for holding all of those toppings!

The staff here are also top-notch. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating – they definitely made me feel welcome. The restaurant itself has a cozy atmosphere that just makes you want to stay and enjoy a few more slices!

Overall, I’d say HiWay Pizza Pub – West is one of the best places to get pizza in State College. Their great ingredients, friendly staff, and cozy atmosphere make it an experience worth remembering each time I visit. Highly recommended!

#9 Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar State College

I visited the restaurant on a Friday night and was immediately impressed with its atmosphere. The open seating arrangement, lively music, friendly staff and delicious smells coming from the kitchen all set the perfect stage for a pleasant evening out.

When I tasted my first slice of the pizza, I knew I had found something special! The generous toppings were piled high on top of an incredibly thin and crisp crust. It was unlike any pizza I have ever tried!

The service was also top-notch – my server was friendly and attentive, checking in regularly to make sure everything was going well. It’s clear that customer service is a priority at Primanti Bros., which is refreshing after spending so much time in places where it’s not even considered!

All in all, my experience at Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar State College can be summed up in one word: incredible! As someone who has been around the world tasting pizza, I can honestly say that this is one of the best spots for pizza in town. Highly recommended!

#10 The Cove New York Style Pizzeria

I visited the restaurant on a recent trip, and I was immediately impressed by their friendly and attentive staff who answered all my questions about their ingredients and cooking methods. The restaurant is clean and inviting, with a wide selection of beers and wines available for pairing with your meal.

The pizza itself was superb! They bake their own dough in-house, using the finest imported New York-style ingredients to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Every bite was packed with flavor, from the lightly charred crust to the generous helping of cheese and pepperoni.

The highlights for me were definitely the pizzas topped with homemade Italian sausage and chunky marinara sauce – simply divine! But really, no matter what topping you choose, you can’t go wrong here – even if you go for something more classic like a margherita or a veggie pizza.

If you’re looking for some of the best pizza in State College, look no further than The Cove New York Style Pizzeria! You won’t be disappointed.

#11 Monte Carlos Pizza & Wings

The atmosphere at Monte Carlos is great, with a lively and fun vibe that puts you right into the Italian spirit of pizza-making. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

When it came to the food itself, I couldn’t have been happier. The combination of ingredients and seasonings always create something amazing. From classic margherita pizzas to their own special toppings, there’s something for everyone here. The crust was perfectly crispy yet still flexible enough to hold all the delicious toppings without breaking apart.

The wings are also really good – they’re not too greasy so they can be enjoyed guilt free. And the bonus? They come in a variety of flavors from spicy to sweet and sour.

All in all, Monte Carlos Pizza & Wings deserves top marks for its delicious food, inviting atmosphere and helpful staff. It’s hands down the best pizza in State College!

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