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Every student living in a university-owned residence has a mailbox assignment. If you did not receive a mailbox assignment, cannot remember it, or have lost your mailbox key, please contact the Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience. Mail should be addressed using the following format in order to avoid a delay in delivery or return to sender.

If you live in the residence halls or Harris apartments:

[Your legal name]

Chapman University

CMB# [Your CMB number]

One University Drive

Orange, CA 92866

If you live in the Davis apartments:

[Your legal name]

625 North Grand Apt #[Your apartment number]

Orange, CA 92867

If you live in the Panther Village apartments:

[Your legal name]

Panther Village

3101 W Chapman Avenue [Your four digit mailbox number]

Orange, CA 92868

If you live in the Chapman Grand apartments:

[Your legal name]

915 E Katella # [Your apartment number]

Anaheim, CA 92805

Student Packages

If you live in the residence halls or Harris Apartments, your packages will be held in either of our package rooms, located in the Davis Community Center (on the first floor) and Sandhu Residence Center (near the Doti Struppa Rockwall). You will receive multiple email notifications from University Services notifying you of when your package has arrived on campus and when it has been processed and is ready for pick-up at your respective package room. It may take up to 48 hours from the point that it arrives to campus to be ready for pick up at our package rooms.

Due to limited storage space for student packages, any items shipped should be no larger than 19″x19″x19″ and should weigh no more than 35 lbs. Do not ship any items prior to receiving your housing notification and mailing address.

If you live in the Davis Apartments or Chapman Grand Apartments, your mail and packages are processed directly by the U.S. Postal Service or respective courier. Mail is delivered to mailboxes for both of these areas. Packages for the Davis Apartments are delivered directly to a residents door by the courier. Package for Chapman Grand residents are delivered to the lockers in the hall office and general lounge area of the building.

If you live in the Panther Village, your mail and packages will be received and sorted by staff members at that location.

Missing Mail & Packages

If you believe that you are missing an item of mail you can file a claim with the United States Postal Inspectors so that they can go about investigating your claim.

If you believe that you are missing a package, you may contact Chapman UNiversity Mail Services at (714) 997-6821 with the tracking number.

Amazon Lockers

There are two Amazon locker locations on the Chapman University campus. These services can be used by all members of the Chapman Community. The two locations are as follows:

Amazon Locker – Argyros386 N Center St, at Argyros ForumStudent Union, Orange CA 92866-1002

Amazon Locker – Pyrenes625 N Grand St, at ChapmanUniversity, Orange CA 92867-6730

There is also an Amazon Locker at Chapman Grand. This service can be used by residents of that building. The location of that locker is:

Amazon Locker – Mankato915 E Katella Ave, at Katella GrandAnaheim, CA 92805-8639

When placing an order for pick up an Amazon Locker, please search and select the locker name above (in bold). Do not enter the address underneath as the delivery will be refused. Use the address to find the Amazon Locker when you pick up your delivery. Visit the Amazon Customer Support page for more information about using an Amazon Locker.

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