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Just a few short years ago, this design feature was not even on the horizon, much less a popular request when designing a dream home; however, recently, this feature has been gaining in popularity. Although floor plans with two master suites make up a small percentage of home sales, the increase in this feature has been gaining traction.

2 primary bedrooms allow for greater flexibility

This idea of 2-bedroom house plans with two master suites is appealing on several levels for various reasons. The flexibility it affords can include the option of friends sharing a home and expenses, adult children who return home, a master suite for you and one for your significant other, or an elderly parent living at home instead of in an assisted care facility.

Sleep issues, different work schedules, and just wanting your own space to personalize and relax are essential and necessary. However, un-coupled sleeping comes with a long laundry list of reasons and can enhance and complement your relationship in many ways. Snoring is probably the number one reason couples choose to sleep in different bedrooms, but medical reasons, different work schedules, and early risers and night owls can also be a factor. That is why our collection of 2 master bedroom house plans are a great fit and can assist in achieving a good night’s rest.

Dual owner suites are perfect for multi-generational living arrangements.

Another reason two master bedroom house plans may be suitable for your family is adult children moving back home. For the past half-century, the nuclear family has largely been the norm. Still, in today’s economy, adult children returning to live in their parents’ homes after college has increased, often leading the family dynamics to include at least two generations of family members living together. This can also involve aging parents who may come to live with their children.

The benefits of these living arrangements include more family time; grandparents and grandchildren spending quality time together; the rise of two-parent working households who need help with raising their children; the sharing of expenses and household chores; and the peace of mind knowing you’re “all in it together” helps ease many concerns of modern living.

Adult children with student loan debt and the inability to save money for home ownership coupled with aging parents have left many in the middle of stressful multi-generational household living. Having a second primary suite with separate bedrooms, baths, and closets can significantly relieve a variety of burdens that all household members may experience during tense times. After all, nothing is better after a long day’s work or caring for others than having an oasis to call your own, a place to relax, kick your feet up, read, or take a nice long hot soak in a tub.

Floor plans with 2 master suites provide a lot of room for customization.

Two master bedroom floor plans can be found in all sizes and styles of homes, so whether you’re looking for a contemporary- or country-styled house plan, these home styles can quickly meet your needs. In addition, both rooms can easily be personalized to suit everyone’s taste and preferences by having separate owner suites. Along with the benefits mentioned above, the following also offer a myriad of other primary bedroom ideas you may want to look into:

  • A reading area
  • A desk area
  • Exercise or meditation space
  • A wine or coffee bar
  • A fireplace and sitting area
  • Heated floors and towel racks in the bathroom
  • Personalized tile choices in the bathrooms
  • Vanity spaces with make-up tables and accordion-style mirrors for shaving.

What is a primary bedroom? What does it mean?

The term “primary bedroom” refers to the home’s largest and, typically, most feature-rich bedroom. It also has the best placement in the house and, when possible, has the nicest views. The primary bedroom is the modernized term for the master bedroom.

What features are found in a primary bedroom?

Of course, every primary bedroom is unique, but there are some standard features you can expect in all primary bedrooms, and these include:

  • A larger room with a closet
  • One or two walk-in closets
  • An en suite bathroom

Additional features you can find throughout our collection of house plans often include primary bedrooms with:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Private access to the rear deck or patio
  • Plenty of large windows for natural light

How big is a primary bedroom?

The size of your primary bedroom depends on the overall size of your home, but the average size of a primary bedroom in the United States is 224 square feet (around 14 feet by 16 feet).

Why do they say owner’s suite?

When someone is referring to an owner’s suite in a home, they are simply referring to the primary bedroom or master suite. However, all these terms are used interchangeably to describe the home’s largest, most desirable bedroom.

What is a dual owner’s suite?

Just like two master bedroom home plans, dual owner’s suites offer two spacious primary bedrooms for households with more than one person or people who would appreciate that level of luxury, space, and privacy.

Square footage range of 2 master bedroom house plans

At America’s Best House Plans, we revel in the opportunity to work with our customers in providing solutions to all housing needs. Our collection of 2-bedroom house plans with 2 master suites features an expansive range of square footage to meet all our customer’s needs: from 1,000 square feet to more than 11,000 plus square feet, something for everyone.

Perhaps dual owner suites are a solution to a multitude of living arrangements. Whether you’re living with your spouse, a housemate, aging parents, or a returning adult child, dual primary bedrooms seem to be the secret to a happy marriage or long-term living arrangements with others.

This well-established trend seems like it’s here to stay, and America’s Best House Plans offers a stunning collection of house plans with two masters, which firmly cements the idea that no one size fits all housing and living arrangements exist.

To learn more about how to customize the perfect dual primary bedroom home for your family, visit our plans overview page, where you’ll learn more about our home designs.

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