How old are Wu and Misako, how long ago was the


Disclaimer: I can only say the minimum possible years. I can’t pinpoint the exact times and ages. Also this gave me a headache.

And the end of this post is a really short summary for those who can’t read it all.

6/17/15 – I don’t totally believe it, ninjago-theories​, but this is just one theory in the case that the writers want a shorter comfier timeline for cartoon reasons. (Sorry, I felt unreasonably compelled to correct. Also have my cookie :))


To start: the most realistic minimum age Misako, Garmadon (alas for him), Wu, and Clouse could currently be is 58. The eldest of the four is likely not ten years older than the youngest.

The oldest they could be is thousands of years old because the Lego website said that the land of Ninjago is thousands of years old. Garmadon and Wu could be the first generation of Ninjago. But just because the First Spinjitzu Master is thousands of years old doesn’t mean his sons are. He’s practically a god – he made Ninjago. Wu and Garmadon can be born even if their dad’s 1000 years old, but they seem rather human.

Chen may have been in his 30s or 40s during the Serpentine War – who knows, maybe 70s or a hundred. His age is probably equal to x + y (where x is the age of Garmadon and y is a number between 15-30). 60 (if Garmadon was 20 in the Serpentine War) + 15 = 75, his age, maybe.

There’s no age limit for male fertility, so it’s not against science for Skylor to be born even if he is a hundred years old, though it’s a miracle she doesn’t have any terrible genetic problems.

To explain why 58 is the number, we’ll solve the mystery of how long it’s been since the Serpentine Wars.



I doubt Kai’s father (or Lou) are the original elemental masters. Just look at their faces and compare them. This alone would tell that at least two generations passed since the Serpentine War. Not one. A generation is on the average 25 years. Translate to years: from 40 to half a century ago.

Remember that it took two years to rebuilt Ninjago City, so you can’t say “but it would’ve taken longer than that”.


In the flashbacks Misako, Clouse, Wu, and Garmadon are probably in their 20s, though late teens or early thirties is also possible. The average age of most of the elemental masters is between 25-50 years old (yes, very rough estimation – I’m bad at ages). This would explain why the elemental masters aren’t alive anymore – the Sensei brothers, Misako and Clouse outlived them.

So if it were two generations (one generation as 20 years), and if the first elemental masters were around…30, on the average (again, I’m bad at guessing ages), then 40 (two generations) + 30 = 70. 70’s their age. Or if a generation is a realistic 25 years, and they were 30 or 35 in the flashbacks, then they’d be in their 80s ( (25 x 2) + 30 = 80 or if they’re 35 then the result is 85).That means the first elemental masters are now grandparents, right? Or dead.



“But what about Mystake, who may have been one of the judges who sent the Anacondrai away? Wouldn’t she be dead by now?

Shhh…shut up.

Besides, we don’t even know if she’s Mystake – the lady who sells the magical teas to Wu. And maybe she’s just lucky. I mean, teas do help prolong life, right? Especially magical teas.


At least two generations since the Serpentine War, hmm? And the Sensei brothers were from late teens to early thirties? Let’s get the minimum of these three factors – two generations, only 20 years in each generation, and Clouse and Garmadon could be 18 in the Serpentine War. So that would mean Misako and the rest would be…40 (two generations) + 18 = 58!

Say Lloyd was nine. Or ten. Misako could still give birth to Lloyd in her fifties. In real life, the oldest age a woman gave birth is nearly 67 years old.

Though if that were true, and so 20 years is one generation, then there would be some implications, based on reality’s historical trends:

  1. The generations before Misako probably had shorter life spans.
  2. Which is why they married early.
  3. And made babies at the age 20.
  4. So yeah, 20-year gap between generations because parents make babies at age 20.
  5. Or maybe early marriage has nothing to do with life expectancy.

BUT OF COURSE, I’M REALLY OVERTHINKING IT. This may be the most overanalyzed thing in Overthinking Ninjago so far.


  1. Misako, Wu and Clouse (and Garmadon if were lucky) are at youngest 58.
  2. So Chen could be 75.
  3. The first elemental masters may be grandparents – at least 70 years old.
  4. The Serpentine War was at least two generations ago (40-50 years).
  5. These conclusions don’t contradict the canon (unless you point something out).

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