Master P Puts Jess Hilarious Claims Down To ‘Miscommunication’

Master P has chalked up missing payment claims made byJess Hilarious following her role in 2019’s I Got the Hook-Up 2 to a “miscommunication” between all the parties involved.

The No Limit Records boss pulled up to The Breakfast Club to set the record straight on the matter on Monday (February 27) and he put blame on the production company.

“Yes, I really do,” he told host Charlamagne Tha God after he was asked him if there was a “miscommunication” issue with Hilarious. “Why is we talking about that? I’m not even in the music business no more … It’s all a miscommunication — what she read is not about her. Let’s change this, let’s change our thoughts and our patterns.

“The young lady that was on here, I like her — she’s funny to me. I wouldn’t have put her into the movie if I didn’t feel like that … The world gotta realize that everything don’t sell.”

He continued: “We more into entertaining than educating. I’ve been through a lot — like I said I lost my daughter and I ain’t really got time for this. I wanted to come up here to educate because I’m not gonna go against these people because I love ’em … But I have that much respect if I have a problem, I’ma call you.”

In another Instagram post in response to Jess Hilarious’ claims Master P put the blame on the production company and said she was paid what she signed up for in her contract.

“I love @jesshilarious_official and I know she was just cracking jokes because she signed her contract and got paid what she was owed for I Got The Hook Up 2 but if she tryna squeeze me for another 10k she got that,” he wrote.

Hilarious circled back and since doubled down on her claims that she’s owed $15,000 for her second scene in I Got the Hook-Up 2.

“Ayo, nah, I ain’t read this part,” Jess remarked. “He’s like, ‘She’s just joking, she be playing, y’all know her. She was joking about a second check that was never in her contract. That’s the narrative they ran with for clickbait and fake headlines. Thank God for receipts!’

“You think out of everybody out there right now, I’ma come after you for clickbait and fake headlines? I don’t have to do that, sir!”

She continued: “Now, he playing around with me, because I never said it was a second check. It was money paid upfront and then it was supposed to have been another $15,000. Yeah, I didn’t get the other half of my money. Stop playing with me like this was check one, check two. No.”

Jess Hilarious originally spoke out about Master P’s bad business practices last week during her duties playing temporary Breakfast Club guest-host as the third mic alongside Charlamagne and DJ Envy.

“That man will talk a good game to you, like even with me, I Got The Hook-Up, I’m still owed some bread for that, I’m not gonna lie to you,” Hilarious said before explaining she only got paid for one of the scenes she was featured in. “I did two scenes. He thought you used one scene, you don’t gotta pay for both of them. No, I stayed there 13 hours to do two scenes.”

Meanwhile, Jess Hilarious isn’t the first person to speak on Master P’s alleged poor business ethic. The Louisiana native’s son Romeo accused him of withholding earnings from the family’s Rap Snacks brand during their very public feud last year.

The two have since patched things up, but Romeo had made it his mission to expose his father and claim he was never rightfully paid for his involvement in the company for over a decade.

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