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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: My opener. Im using Brother Raclaw, Sergeant Learchus, and other Veteran Space Marines.I think Master Chief is as comparable to a Vet Marine (never comparable to a Captain or Chapter Master lol.) and the Gear of said Marine will consist of ….

Chain Sword, Bolt Pistol, Storm Bolter, Grenades, Thunder Shield, Plasma Pistol.

So On to the Space Marine Physical abilities.

Adeptus Astartes, or more commonly known as Space Marine, is the Super Soldier of the 40th Millennium.

Scan 1 and 4: Space Marine as per the Codex.

Scan 2 and 3: The 17 Organs that makes a Space Marine and bestows their super abilities. (note the Acid Gland is missing in the Imperial Fist Legion that the Black Templars share Gene-seed with… Raclaw has no Acid Spit)

Space Marine starting Strength from surgery is equal to….

“starting” Marine can carry 1,350 kg, lift 2,700 kg, and push 5,400 kg.”

Deathwatch RPG, Page 208

As time goes on they reach easy 5 toner status in overall strength.

Speed of a Space Marine is enough to track the projectiles of Bullets and the faster than human sight Eldar xenos. Overall they are very fast with constant references to Gene Enhance reflexes and speed.

Training and Recruitment

Next lets look at the Recruitment of Raclaw.

As seen from the best of a whole Planet Raclaw was singled out. He showed great skill as a mere teenager. (All Space Marines must be in their teens for any hope of the Gene-seed taking root.)

Then he was implanted with half the Organs needed to become a Scout. (Note again. In 90% Space Marine Chapters Scouts are Space Marines in Training. However in the Black Templar Chapter Scouts are called Neophytes and when become worthy of being a space Marine become Initiates)

His first lesson from his Space Marine Mentor was a brutal one.

Raclaw fresh with his Organ Implants and in serious pain battles a possible recruit gone wrong. This Beast is Marine itself in stats with Berserk fury.

Raclaw in his first battle. They face Orks. What makes this great is he fight the toughest Orks in the galaxy, the Nobz, to save a fellow Marine. Such skill and prestige in his first battle.

Here Raclaw chops thru hordes of Cultist and monologues his training.

Raclaw as a novice makes his way to a Chaos Champ, a warrior of thousands of years and added gifts of chaos, and slays him with the meekest gear of Scout Armour, Chain Sword, and Bolt Pistol.

Raclaw Training is the kind that all Space Marine go thru. Space Marines are the best of the best from entire planets and from day one Tarin, train, train, and then go to a years long wars. The Space Marine trains at least 5 times a day in close combat, combat tactics, and range shooting in their standard routine.


Now down to gear. Power Armour! Bolters! and Chain Swords! Oh My….

The Chain Sword is really just a adamantium tip Chainsaw in balance sword form. Added to this are the Anti Vehicle Krak Grenades and Frag Grenades he carri

The Bolter is such a great weapon. Mach speed Rocket Bullet/Grenade. The Storm Bolter is much much bore. A rapid Firing twin link Bolter.

The Storm Shield is a Force Field Device in a shield.

Chain Sword.

The Plasma Pistol is a Pistol the shoots Magnetic covered Gas heat close to the core tempature of the Sun (27,000 degrees) and one shots about anything.

So with the tools and the talent the standard Veteran Space Marine should crush the best Spartan.

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