What Is Master Out In Darts? – Elevate your game 2023!

While most of us are aware of the fundamental principles of darts, there are other versions of the game that may be played. “Master Out” is one of these variations, and it’s a popular format in both recreational and professional darts.

We’ll look at what Master Out is in darts, how it’s played, and why it’s an important format for both beginners and experienced players in this blog article. We’ll also go through numerous game-improvement tips and techniques, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

So, whether you’re an experienced darts player or a beginner, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about Master Out in darts.

What is Master Out in Darts?

Master Out is a darts variant in which the double-in, double-out rule is used. This implies that before they can start earning points, players must first hit a double, and they must also hit a double to end the game. The term “Master Out” alludes to the need that players to end the game with a double.

Comparison with other game variations

Darts are played in many distinct variants all throughout the world. One of the most popular versions is “501,” a game in which players begin with a score of 501 and must work their way down to zero by hitting various dartboard objectives. Players in 501 can win the game by hitting a double or a bullseye.

Master Out, on the other hand, is a more difficult style since players must strike a double to begin accumulating points and end the game. This implies that there are fewer chances to score points and therefore players must be more precise with their shots.

Importance of Master Out in professional darts

Master Out is a popular format for professional darts tournaments because it involves a high degree of ability and precision. It’s a format that puts players’ ability to strike doubles under pressure to the test, which is essential in the game of darts.

Furthermore, the Master Out format is used as the final game in many professional darts competitions. This implies that the winner of the match must end the game with a double, adding drama and excitement to the game.

Overall, Master Out is a hard and thrilling darts variant that demands a high degree of skill and precision. It’s a structure that may help you develop your game and take your darts abilities to the next level, whether you’re a novice or an experienced player.

How to Play Master Out?

Master Out is a difficult darts variant that needs a great degree of skill and precision. In this post, we’ll go through the Master Out regulations and principles, as well as some ideas and methods for winning a game.

Rules and Guidelines for Playing Master Out


Players in Master Out must first hit a double before they can begin accumulating points. This implies that the first dart thrown by a player must land in one of the dartboard’s double rings.


After achieving a double, a player can begin collecting points by hitting any of the dartboard objectives.

The scoring for each target is as follows:

  • Single: 1 point
  • Double: 2 points
  • Triple: 3 points


To win the game, participants must hit a double in the end. This implies that the final dart thrown by a player must land in one of the dartboard’s double rings.

Bust Rule:

A “bust” occurs when a player exceeds the target score with their final dart. If a player breaks in Master Out, their score is reset to the one they had at the start of their round.

Tips and Strategies for Winning a Game


As with any darts variant, practice is essential for developing your abilities and winning games. Spend time practicing hitting doubles, since this is essential for Master Out’s success.

Aim for the High-Scoring Targets:

In Master Out, hitting a triple may be a game-changer since it allows you to swiftly lower your score. Aim for the dartboard’s high-scoring objectives, such as the triple 20 or triple 19.

Watch Your Score:

Keep an eye on your score while you play, and make sure you know what you need to finish the game. If you’re on the verge of victory, stay patient and wait for the proper moment to hit a double.

Stay Calm:

Darts is a game that takes concentration and focus, therefore it’s crucial to keep cool and comfortable when playing. Don’t get too caught up in the game’s pressure, and remember to take deep breaths and keep your gaze fixed on your goal.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

You may enhance your game and boost your chances of winning in Master Out by avoiding these frequent blunders.

Here are a few common Master Out mistakes to avoid:

  1. Before you start scoring points, make sure you hit a double.
  2. Keep track of your score and make sure you have everything you need to complete the game.
  3. Remember that you must end the game with a double.
  4. While hitting a triple might be beneficial, remember to strive for doubles as well.
  5. Keep your cool and attention while playing, and don’t let the strain of the game get to you.


Master Out is a fun and hard darts variant that involves ability, precision, and strategy. Players may enhance their game and boost their chances of success by following the rules and guidelines for playing and avoiding frequent blunders.

Master Out is an important part of professional darts, and players must master this variant to compete at the best level.

Players may develop their abilities and take their darts game to the next level with practice and devotion.

Master Out is a terrific opportunity to test your abilities and experience the excitement of the game, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner. So, grab your darts, improve your aim, and try your hand at Master Out!


What is the history of “master out” in darts?

The origins of “master out” in darts are unclear, but the format has been played for many years and is now a popular variant of the game. “Master out” is often played in professional darts tournaments and is a standard format in many local leagues and competitions.

What are the scoring areas on a dartboard for “master out”?

In “master out” darts, the scoring areas on the dartboard are the same as in other formats of the game. The board is divided into 20 numbered segments, with a double ring around the edge and a smaller bullseye in the center.

Can “master out” be played with different starting scores?

Yes, “master out” can be played with different starting scores, depending on the preference of the players or the rules of the competition. Some common starting scores for “master out” include 301, 501, and 1001.

Is there a time limit for turns in “master out”?

There is no specific time limit for turns in “master out”, but players are expected to play at a reasonable pace and not unduly delay the game. The time allowed for each turn may be set by the competition rules or agreed upon by the players.

Are there any common mistakes to avoid in “master out” darts?

Common mistakes to avoid in “master out” darts include failing to calculate the correct number of points needed to win, missing doubles and the bullseye, and becoming overly aggressive in attempting to win the game quickly. It is important to maintain accuracy and composure throughout the game to maximize your chances of winning.

What happens if a player scores more points than needed to reach zero in “master out”?

If a player scores more points than needed to reach zero in “master out”, their turn ends and their score remains the same. The player must then try to reach zero again on their next turn.

Can a player win a game of “master out” with a single dart?

No, a player cannot win a game of “master out” with a single dart. The final dart thrown must land in a double or the bullseye to win the game.

What are some strategies for playing “master out” in darts?

Some strategies for playing “master out” in darts include aiming for high-scoring areas early on to build up a lead, calculating the exact number of points needed for the final shot, and practicing accuracy in hitting doubles and the bullseye.

What happens if two players reach zero in the same turn in “master out”?

If two players reach zero in the same turn in “master out”, the player who reaches zero with the fewest number of darts thrown wins the game.

Is “master out” the only format of darts?

No, “master out” is not the only format of darts. There are many different game formats in darts, each with its own rules and strategies. Other popular formats include “501” and “301” games, as well as “cricket” and “round the clock” games.

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