MasterShield Gutter Guard Review (2023 Costs, Products & Services)

Most homeowners don’t worry much about their gutters until they’re clogged with debris and overflowing with water. Each gutter guard company on the market claims to have a unique option to fix the problem, but finding the best gutter guard for the gutters on your home can be pretty challenging.

However, the MasterShield Gutter Guard does check all the boxes for local homeowners. MasterShield takes technology and design seriously. Our experts evaluated Mastershield’s gutter protection system, gutter guard installation, and more. Keep reading our MasterShield Gutter Guard review to determine if this is the perfect product for your home.

Gutter guards are placed inside, on top of, or attached to your gutters/shingles that prevent debris from clogging up your gutter system. Gutter guards allow water to seamlessly flow through them into the gutter while blocking out debris such as leaves, sticks, small animals, pine needles, and more.

Without proper gutter drainage, water could overflow the sides of your gutters and gather at your home’s foundation. This can cause extensive water damage to your home’s foundation leading to cracking, mildew, mold, and setting windows/wall off level. To avoid these expensive repair costs, you can buy gutter guards from a professional-installation company or online at Amazon. Multiple types of gutter guards come in different materials, colors, and sizes.

MasterShield is one of our top recommended companies for professionally installed gutters. Mastershield’s eco-friendly and versatile aluminum gutter guard will protect your gutters from being clogged with debris and save you from cleaning out your gutters several times a month.

Our take on MasterShield

MasterShield gutter guards were invented by Alex Higginbotham, who is also the inventor of the micro-mesh gutter guards. Alex has been creating and working in the gutter guard industry for more than 25 years. His ideas and inventions take the technology and functionality of a gutter guard to the next level.

Although there are many features to the MasterShield Gutter Guard that we will uncover, one of the most important is that it can be installed at the same pitch as the roof. This pitch or angle makes much more sense than creating a ledge at the gutter’s top for the debris to collect. The MasterShield Gutter Guard looks like an extension of your roof instead of an extension of the gutter.

In addition, the micro-mesh material that is used on the MasterShield Gutter guards is virtually indestructible. The material will not degrade or rot over time, and it will not let anything but the water flow into the gutters. If you are looking for a solution that considers all of the issues homeowners face with gutters, the MasterShield is a decent option.

For a free quote, visit MasterShield’s website:

Services & Features

MasterShield’s gutter guard keeps debris from clogging up your gutters. Mastershield will also install new gutters if yours are old or damaged. The gutter covers come in 14 colors and will fit almost any gutter.

Gutter Guard Features

  • Gutter guards are installed at the same pitch as the roof
  • Self-cleaning features with copper and filters to help eliminate oils
  • Built-in drip feature to avoid the stripes and stains that you can get on gutters
  • Eco-friendly design that has more than 95% recycled aluminum
  • Options for heated gutters in northern climates
  • HydroVortex Technology for better flow of water
  • Overall durable material that is lightweight and long-lasting

Product Type and Materials

MasterShield Gutter Guard makes one specific type of gutter guard. Where other companies may offer more than one option, the MasterShield product is unique. The MasterShield Gutter Guards are micro-mesh gutter guards made from aluminum material that will not rust or deteriorate.

There are also options for heating your MasterShield gutter guards so that you can help deal with winter snow build-up on your roof. The heated gutter guards tend to require more of an initial investment, but they can be worth the price for many homeowners.

One of the critical features of the MasterShield gutter guard system is the HydroVortex technology allowing water to flow down into the gutters instead of off the roof. HydroVortex technology means that the gutter needs to be installed differently and will require a professional installation.

If your home has a lot of water runoff and you end up with stains on the side of your gutters, the technology included with the MasterShield will be enough to help improve the overall effectiveness of your gutter system.

How it works

With the way the MasterShield Gutter Guard is installed, water can naturally flow down the roof and end up in the gutter system. In addition, the debris that typically collects on top of the gutter guard will flow directly off the roof and onto the ground. There are times that homeowners will have to clean their gutters, but that should be rare with this system.

Sizes Offered

Since the MasterShield Gutter is a pre-made product that local gutter installation contractors have in stock, you will find that the company’s gutter guards will fit almost any gutter. However, there are 14 different colors that you can purchase the MasterShield Gutter Guard in.

Is There a Warranty?

The MasterShield Gutter Guard warranty will give customers peace of mind that their gutter guards will not clog. If the gutter guard does clog, they will replace it or refund it. In addition, if you do experience a problem with MasterShields gutter guards, you can also get up to $1,500 towards your homeowner’s insurance claim if the clog caused any damage. The warranty is mostly for the product and not the labor related to the product.

MasterShield Installation

The installation process of MasterShield Gutter Guard is not a DIY project. These gutter guards will screw into your existing gutter using a stainless steel screw. Once the gutter guard is in with the screw, it is slid under the roof shingles. With the warranty that MasterShield Gutter Guard offers, they cannot allow homeowners to install these gutters themselves.

MasterShield does not have a team that goes out and installs gutters. Instead, they hire reputable dealers around the country to distribute and install their products. When you call for a free MasterShield quote, a MasterShield representative will not come to your door. Instead, you can expect a local gutter contractor who works with MasterShield.

There are positives and negatives to this way of doing business. The good news is that your roofing contractor will also be able to help you repair gutters if needed or install new ones in certain areas.

MasterShield Cost

The cost of MasterShield gutters is a bit difficult to figure out on their website. They won’t give accurate or detailed pricing without coming to your home to do a complete quote. Each gutter contractor has its own way of quoting and doing things; MasterShield simply provides the product. This gutter guard will be comparable price-wise with other similar micro-mesh gutters.

We would recommend trying to find two MasterShield gutter guard providers in your area. See if you can get quotes from both, and then try to work out the best deal possible for yourself. Negotiating on these deals is to be expected. After agreeing on the cost, the process should be quick and easy. Some customers have their new gutter guards in place just a day later. Be wary that the cost of gutter guards and their installation varies depending on the material, installation, roof height and material, and the location of your home.

MasterShield Maintenance

One of the main reasons the customers put gutter guards on is to help lower the maintenance that they have on their homes. Nobody wants to be up on a ladder cleaning pine needles out of the gutters every week.

The angled design of the MasterShield gutter guard helps to take debris and pull it down off the roof naturally. This is not to say that your roof will never need to be cleaned, but the maintenance is considerably less with no flat surface for the debris to collect.

The filters in the MasterShield system have known to get clogged from time to time. This is an issue that the company will assess for you to ensure that there are no warranty-related problems with your gutter guards.


MasterShield Gutter Guards are available throughout the entire country. However, it is not easy to see where these guards are available. Since independent dealers and contractors carry the MasterShield, you may have several locations near you that work with MasterShield, and you may have none. Hopefully, the company will find a better way to display availability to its customers aside from going through the quote sign-up process.

MasterShield Customer Reviews

MasterShield has managed to earn an A rating with the BBB. This is impressive in the home gutter guard industry and shows that their product does have some highly sought-after features and benefits.

Debbie L(5/28/21):

“I had new gutters, downspouts, and MasterShield Gutter Protection installed on my home on May 7 of this year. We had several storms come through yesterday, and MasterShield performed beautifully! I’m very pleased.”

Dave K (8/25/21):

“I did my homework and read as much information as possible on the top 3 rated gutter guard companies, including looking at all available guards available at the big box home improvement stores before getting my free bids. After seeing the three gutter guards and listening to their sales pitches, I was 100% sure that Master Shield had the best product. After installation, they came back and added free diverters in the corners. I inspected the installed guards and was very impressed with the quality installation job. I have 6” gutters and oversized downspouts and now have no rainwater going over my gutters and no debris accumulating on them no matter how hard the rain. Excellent product!”

Jeff M (7/18/17):

“I’ve had multiple gutter guard type products on my gutters over the years. These are decent; water goes into them, and they served me well for a couple of years without any maintenance. That said, I thought I was buying a product that’d never clog, and their “no clog” guarantee is arguably quite deceptive because what they’re guaranteeing is that the gutter itself will not clog, not that their product (the gutter guard itself) won’t clog. When the latter happens, they’ll give you a quote for cleaning them or tell you to use carb cleaner or strong bleach to clean your gutters yourself. Excuse me? I thought the whole point was that I wouldn’t have to mess with my gutters again.”

Final Thoughts

The MasterShield Gutter Guard is an aluminum gutter protection system installed at the same pitch as your current roof. With the unique design, you will spend a lot less time worrying about cleaning your roof as the debris will naturally come down so water can flow properly. Overall the MasterShield is a fine option for gutter guards. The issue that some customers see is the filters clogging over time. This can happen in homes with high levels of tree cover, but the warranty will help with severe filter-related issues.

There are several types of gutter guards for homeowners; from mesh to micro-mesh to foam, there’s something out there for everyone. MasterShield is an effective, professionally installed gutter system for your home. However, Today’s Homeowner recommends LeafFilter as the top gutter guard company.

For a free quote from MasterShield, visit its website.

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