Who Should You Use the Master Ball on in Pokémon Scarlet and

One of the most significant decisions to make in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is who you should use your Master Ball on. Should you keep it for one of the legendary Pokémon you encounter in the game, or should you use it on a Shiny Pokémon? What must you do?

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It is the most prestigious ball of all and can be used to catch any of the Pokémon species and Scarlet and Violet with zero percent chance of failing. There are six legendary Pokémon, so you need to decide carefully on who to use your one Master Ball.

What You’ll Learn in This Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Post:

  • How to get a Master Ball?
  • Who to use the Master Ball on
  • How many Poké Balls in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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How to Get a Master Ball?

On Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you will receive a Master Ball after completing the final storyline mission, “The Way Home”. That means once you’ve completed the trio of Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends, you will be eligible for the Master Ball.

When you conclude the story, Director Clavell will request that you meet in his office, and you will have to make your way to the Uva academy to meet him. Once there, he will reward you with the ultimate Poké Ball, the Master Ball.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Master Ball Obtained
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Who to Use the Master Ball On?

Now the reason you are here: who should you use the Master Ball on? With the storyline complete, what is left to do? Well, catch every Pokémon species in Scarlet and Violet to complete the Pokédex.

It’s yet to be said if the downloadable content will have another Master Ball included, but surely there should be if they intend to add more rare-type Pokémon to the game at a later stage. So far, with six legendary Pokémon to search for and find, who of the six should you waste your Master Ball on?

The two highest-rated legendary Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet are the cover legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon. These two Pokémons are the hardest to capture and require you to use your Master Ball on one of them. You should only consider using your Master Ball on either Koraidon or Miraidon.

How Many Different Pokéballs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

There are many balls to choose from to catch ‘em all in Scarlet and Violet. 23 to be exact:

List of Poké Balls:

  1. Poké Ball
  2. Great Ball
  3. Ultra Ball
  4. Premiere Ball
  5. Heal Ball
  6. Net Ball
  7. Nest Ball
  8. Repeat Ball
  9. Luxury Ball
  10. Dive Ball
  11. Quick Ball
  12. Dusk Ball
  13. Timer Ball
  14. Master Ball
  15. Fast Ball
  16. Friend Ball
  17. Lure Ball
  18. Level Ball
  19. Heavy Ball
  20. Love Ball
  21. Moon Ball
  22. Dream Ball
  23. Beast Ball

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