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The check valve is the most significant part of any air compressor. More than 90% of air valves come with a compressor combination. Reciprocating piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, and scroll compressors are the common usages of air compressors.

The function of Air Compressor

An air compressor check valve executes two major functions.

These are –

● Ensuring the smoother flow of air from one side to another.

● Blocking of airflow in the. Opposite direction.

If the user holds the check valve and tries to blow it at the same time there wouldn’t be any problem blowing. But after turning the check valve into the application it would surely be impossible to blow air.

In the same manner, the compressor and the compressed air system works. Once the air after compression passes through the check valve, there’s no way it would move backward.

Depending upon size, type, and model air compressor has several usages.

Here’s is an overview of it: –

● On reciprocating piston compressors

The pistol that moves forth and backchecks valves are pre-installed in it. The presence of a check valve inside the pistol leads the airflow to the cylinder. The check valve is often mounted between the air compressor and compressed air receiver.

Here the air is compressed in the following manner:

  • A valve at top of the compressor tank shifts air to download the movement of the pistol.
  • Air is compressed along with the pistol upward movement
  • The discharged valve opens due to increasing pressure directing the air to move into the tank.
  • More pressure is built with every stroke, till the time its optimal capacity switches & shut down the motor.
  • Now the air is pumped into higher pressure by two-stage compressors.

● On rotary screw compressors

The Air compressor check valve is most used in rotary screw compressors. This depends on the model and applicability of the compressor, how many check valves are used.

● Inlet Check Valve

These are integrated valves of screw compressors. This valve acts as a check valve when the compressor stops. While the compressed air will be still inside the compressor.

● Element outlets check valves

It’s often that more than one check valve is also installed just below the compressor element. This ensures the compressed air or oil mixture won’t flow back into the compressor at a time when the compressor stops working.

How Check valves work –

The working principle of the check valve works on allowing flow in one direction and simultaneously preventing the flow in the reverse direction. These follow a fully automated process with no human interaction during the cycle. Construction process includes the assembling of simple components such as body, seat, cover, and disc. During the forward flow, the internal disk forces the valve to open while, during the reverse flow, the valves close.

Familiarize your compressors with replacing parts-

Oil filter –

Maintain machinery with quality assured lubricants for the best performance.

Inlet Air Filter –

Inter air filters should be regularly replaced as a preventive measure to eliminate foreign particles.

Air & Oil Separator –

Regular Checks and replacement of filters, to avoid clogging to meet effectiveness.

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