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With our College GPA Calculator you may access to one of the most important tools for students. As you probably know, GPA stands for Grade Point Average. That means it is the average result from all of your grades. As calculated by the Universities of the United States, it is certainly a quite complicated system. That is we came up with our College GPA Calculator, a tool that will make such task easy for you!

What is GPA and how can we help you calculate it?

Your GPA will determine your future options when it comes to studying in the US. How does it really work?

There are two basic grade systems in the country: based on numbers and letters. Both represent the grades you receive on daily assignments and tests. Knowing those represent the first steps in calculating your GPA.

The number system is different than in other countries because the scale goes from zero to one hundred. Each numerical note corresponds to a letter note. Any note less than a C (70) is considered as a failure.

We can help you calculate your GPA by providing you with a tool that automatically makes the numbers for you. Introduce the relevant data, hit calculate and you are good to go!

How does the formula of your college GPA calculator work?

If you’d like to know how our college GPA calculator works, here is a simple explanation.

Below we present the letters with their corresponding mark:

Letter% numberA90 to 100B80 to 89C70 to 79D60 to 69F0 to 59

Letters are also identified as a positive note or a negative marks. This system exists because when calculating your average, the value of the letter is rounded to the closest decimal. It would look like this:

Letter% numberA93 to 100A-90 to 92B+87 to 89B83 to 86B-80 to 82C+77 to 79C73 to 76C-70 to 72D+67 to 69D63 to 66D-60 to 62FLess than 60

How Do teachers calculate grades for GPA?

Each teacher has his own method of calculating grades as he will indicate his rules in the syllabus that they distribute at the beginning of the course.

For example: perhaps all exams in the course are worth 40 % of the final mark, homework is worth 50 % and class participation is worth 10 %. In this case, he would then take the average of the completed tasks and consider the average as 50 % of the final grade for the course.

The Scale 4.0 and how it will affect your marks

This is where the subject of the college GPA calculation gets complicated.

Your GPA is calculated on a scale from one to four. What happens is that the numerical marks (from 1 to 100) convert them to letters, and from the letter note to the new scale.

We know it’s a bit confusing, but let us explain it to you. The following table shows you the conversion:

% numberLetter4.0 Scale93 to 100A4.090 to 92A-3.787 to 89B+3.383 to 86B3.080 to 82B-2.777 to 79C+2.373 to 76C2.070 to 72C-1.767 to 69D+1.363 to 66D1.060 to 62D-0.7Below 60F0.0

As an example, let’s pretend that you introduce the following data in our College GPA calculator:

Course NameGradeCreditsMathematicsB+3 creditsEnglishA3 creditsEconomyC2 creditsHistoryA-3 credits

Each of those marks has a certain equivalent. If you look at the table above, you can match the note with its corresponding number on the 4.0 scale.

After this, we multiply that number with the number of credits the class is worth (this is different for each class, but it is usually identified by the course number).

Sounds complicated? Because it is! That is why is always better to simply use a college GPA calculator as ours!

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